Thierry Henry Explains Why Haaland Is Special From Other Strikers

Frenchman Thierry Henry has detailed the one single characteristics that set the 20-year-old sensation, Erling Haaland, apart from other strikers in front of the goal. The former Arsenal man believes much of the success the Norway international has seen is down to his desire to stay right in front of the goal and sticking in the right position at all times.

As we see with most strikers, it’s often common for them to drift wide or drop deep to support their teammates. However, for the Norwegian, the aforementioned are rarely seen from him. All that is always on his mind is to put the ball at the back of the night, every now and again.

The 20-year-old is already taking goal-scoring to another level, having scored 100 goals in just 146 games. In fact, he is the fastest player in football history to do so.

Alongside his shooting abilities, his selfishness is what has set him apart from many other strikers in the game, as explained by Thierry Henry.

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“He doesn’t care about anything other than the goal,” Thierry Henry said on the Monday Night Football Show.

“Other players will go on the wing – he wants to stay within the frame of the net. Between the two posts, he knows he is lethal.”

“He’s so powerful, by the way. He just wants to run in behind and the way he finishes is ridiculous. The ability that he has: he believes so much in himself, and I like that.”

“He doesn’t want to go anywhere else other than to score goals – that’s his mind. It’s middle, middle or wide, wide, middle.”

As a natural thing, a host of European sides are already circling the Borussia Dortmund man and now the club faces an uphill task to keep one of their most coveted player beyond the summer. It’s now left to see what becomes of the youngster’s future moving forward.

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