Tuchel Brilliantly Responds To Claims That Chelsea Are Out Of Title Race Ahead Of Liverpool Game

The Blues are 8 points off of Man City already and could fall further behind if they cannot arrest their slump against Liverpool.

Quite a few fans and media members have started writing the Blues off entirely but Thomas Tuchel wasn’t quite ready to do that in his press conference.

“We don’t give up anything because why should we stop in the middle of the race?”, said Tuchel.

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“We don’t really think about this stuff too much. We do think about who plays, what we tell the team today, how we approach the team.

“I know other people think a lot about this but we actually never do.”

Man City may seem invincible but that can all change in just a few games at any point of the season. If Chelsea are to stay capitalize when that happens, the Blues need to start winning so that they can stay within striking distance.

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