Thomas Tuchel Names 2 Key Reasons For Losing To Frank Lampard’s Everton, Mentions Referee

Asked to analyze the 1-0 defeat against Everton, Thomas Tuchel told the media: “If there is something I could do [in the attack], I would try it. The key for me is to have a clean sheet. It was a different game against Man United, the game was more open and there were more chances.

“This was more like the game against West Ham and against West Ham we had a clean sheet and played without any big mistakes. If you fall behind in an atmosphere like this, instill belief in the opponent’s team, you struggle.

“They got away with a lot and the referee decided to manage the game how he did. I was not too happy with it but that’s why it’s important not to do big mistakes, to give belief, and to keep doing what we do on the highest level.”

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“We hate to lose but we are responsible for it. We are responsible for today, it is our responsibility. It was our responsibility at Old Trafford to not get more.”

Chelsea have now won only one of their last four Premier League games which was against West Ham. They have now collected four points in these four games and are looking in terrible form.

Tuchel needs to address this quickly or the FA Cup final against Liverpool looks like a lost battle already.

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