Tuchel Reveals The Major Reasons For Brighton Draw As the European Champions Struggle Continues

“I am so happy that we have at least four days,” Tuchel said after the draw with Brighton, as per Chelsea’s official website.

“Look at our last week and you know what I am talking about. Within seven days we had three away games. It’s not only about playing, it’s about traveling, it’s about not sleeping and we don’t do this one week and complain.

“We don’t complain now, it is just to explain why the performance can look sometimes like this in the middle of January in an away game at Brighton.

“This can happen and if you tell me this never happened to any team in the Premier League before I can only laugh.

“We do this since November so we arrive in a game where we don’t reach our full potential, okay, welcome to reality. You cannot be surprised. We want more, we want to do better, but in the end, we have to accept it.”

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“Okay, we take a draw and we go. We tried everything, we tried hard, but it’s a certain level of fatigue that you can feel.

“We weren’t able to press home the advantage after our goal because we are tired. We are mentally tired and physically tired and you can see it in our performance. It’s as easy as that.”

Chelsea have played 15 games since the month of December began an absolutely torrid run that has shown few signs of slowing down.

With more competitions beginning soon, the schedule will continue to be tight, but tired or not, the Blues need to snap out of it and string some wins together

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