Thomas Tuchel Set To Break 17-Year-Old Chelsea Record: Blues Fans Debate!

Chelsea fans have gotten used to the merry-go-round of the managerial carousel over the last few years, with nothing but excellence being accepted at the club under Roman Abramovich.

Since the Russian’s reign, no manager has stayed for more than 3 and a half years since Claudio Ranieri’s spell that ended in 2004, a whopping 15 managerial changes have taken place in that time.

Thomas Tuchel, however, has the advantage of having won the Champions League already, which has earned him a 2-year extension on his contract that will seem him stay at the club till 2024 if all goes well.

However, failure to build upon it could also see him gone as soon as next season and Blues fans on Reddit are entirely split on whether it’s likely or not.

Here are some of the best arguments that suggest he stays and breaks the 17-year-old record;

admiralawkward: “I know it’s a foregone conclusion on this sub that he gets sacked but I genuinely think he gets a chance to see out this project so long as he continues to get top 4.

“He’s literally won the Holy Grail already and has a young squad to work with and mold in his image.”

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Senjougohara12: “A lot of people think he’ll blow up but he’s constantly reiterated that he’s learned from past experiences and wants it to be different with us so I choose to believe him.

“Has constantly said he’s happy with the squad and seemed genuine about it too so even if we don’t get Haaland/Rice w/e I think he’ll be alright. Here’s hoping it never ends.”

FederalManner: “The only thing that makes me say yes, is the age of our core. The hiring and firing thing can’t work yet. Our spine isn’t secure yet, and our boys still need a coach at the end of the day.

“Tuchel is one of the best pure coaches. He loves coaching and improving players and that’s what we need. Once the training wheels are off for these boys then we’ll see.”

And some of the arguments that suggest it’s quite unlikely.

psrandom: “First ask everyone if he will survive till end of this season.”

lemate23: “I doubt it. After last seasons transfer market hype and Lampard’s legend status with the club I was sure he would last another 2-3 yrs but look how that ended up.

“Sure, if Tuchel keeps winning he’ll stay but it’s tough to please the fanbase if trophies aren’t being consistently won.”

dankyouverymuch: “No. It is impossible for the team to not have a dip in form. And when that happens he will be fired like any other manager before him in the Abramovich era.”

Which side of the argument do you agree with?

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