UFC Champion Tyson fury fixes Date to visit United Training ground after city Demolition

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury sends a message to Manchester United players after the abysmal performance against Manchester City on Saturday.

Fury, who was spotted traveling to Old Trafford before the game, shared a video where he said: “After today’s defeat from City, it’s fair to say that United are taking a worse beating than Deontay Wilder took in all of his fights versus me.

“We’re absolutely getting smashed out there, and I think partly it’s because the players – no disrespect to any of you – it doesn’t seem to me like you’re digging deep to try and win these games.

“It seems to me that you’re happy to get through them and whatever happens, happens.”

Fury continued: “When I fought Wilder and I was on the floor, and any other man I’ve ever fought, I never ever believed I was going to lose the fight. I always believed I’d come back and win.

“That’s called a winner’s mentality, and that’s something in the last few games that you guys have just not had.”

He then joked: “I think me and Patrice Evra are going to come down to training and give you some of that (he showed his fist) and give you the hard word you need. See you all soon, be prepared.”

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The 0-2 defeat in the hands of Man City is one of the worst performances for United at Old Trafford.

While Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserves the blame, people are also pointing out that the players were absolutely horrendous. On both ends of the pitch, the home side was non-existent, which raises serious questions about the current situation.

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