How Man United Could Line Up With Jadon Sancho: Which Option Do You Prefer?

The Red Devils have finally completed the signing of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund for around £73m after waiting for a year. As a result, our editors have taken a look at the 3 ways United could line up with Jadon Sancho next season.

In Sancho, Man United are getting a natural winger who can operate on both sides of the pitch and comfortably create chances from all over.

With that, here is a look at the ways United could line up with Jadon Sancho with their current squad;

Option 1: Sancho With Cavani and Rashford In The Attack

Probably, this will be the regular set-up for United with Sancho’s arrival. He is a natural right winger so he should take that right-wing spot, with his best friend Marcus Rashford taking up the left-wing.

Edinson Cavani should take up the center-forward role while Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, and Scott McTominay (unless United can sign a new defensive midfielder) start behind him.

Line Up With Jadon Sancho
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Option 2: Jadon Sancho On The Left-Wing

One thing about Jadon Sancho is that he can comfortably play on the left-wing too. As a matter of fact, the 21-year-old scored 3 goals and registered 4 assists in 6 appearances as a left-winger for Dortmund last season according to WhoScored.

On the other hand, this option would be helpful if Rashford needs rest or even benching. Sancho can slot in and play with Mason Greenwood & Cavani in the attack.

Option 3: All English Attack

Of course, Sancho’s signing also means that United now have 3 of England’s brightest young players in Greenwood, Rashford, and Jadon himself. That can easily terrorize defenders and create an efficient, pacey attack for United. However, that means that Edinson Cavani would be relegated to the bench if United are to deploy this option.

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