Manchester United Players Split Over Mason Greenwood Suspension – Reasons Revealed

Man United players have had an internal rift on whether the club was right to suspend Mason Greenwood after his arrest following rape allegations, claims The Sun.

A number of players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, and Marcus Rashford, unfollowed the Englishman on Instagram and this hasn’t gone down with some others.

Certain first-team players believe it’s wrong to freeze out Greenwood as he’s still innocent until proven guilty.

One United source told The Sun: “One player, in particular, is furious about it. He feels that ditching Mason shows they are not together.

“If Mason is convicted of what he has been accused of, then clearly all the players will be horrified. But the police haven’t even decided if they have enough evidence to charge him or not yet.

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“Some of those closest to him feel the course of justice should be allowed to run. But when some of the players started dumping him, they felt they had to as well.

“One of the players said it showed how the squad wasn’t together and showed that too many times they act as individuals.”

Ralf Rangnick confirmed a few days ago that the Greenwood allegations were ‘a topic of discussions’ among players over the last week.

Mason is currently out on bail after spending many days in prison earlier this week, but the Greater Manchester Police are still continuing investigations towards his sexual assault allegations.

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