Timo Werner Reveals How He Suffered From VAR Offside Line Rules Last Season

With the VAR offside line rules set to be amended ahead of the next Premier League season, Timo Werner has weighed in on the change, as reported by Christian Falk of Bild.

Here is what the Chelsea forward has to say: “I read that they want to make the VAR line thicker in England. that would be good for me.

“Because then I would have 5 more goals this season.

“Basically the VAR is fine. And I say that, although I suffered most of it.”

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Meanwhile, Chelsea fans have already joked about how Werner will thrive with the new VAR offside line rules, which will allow him some more room to make his runs.

Moreover, having spent a year getting used to the speed of the Premier League in general, Timo Werner will be expected to have a much bigger second season with the Blues regardless.

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