When & Time Manchester United Will Now Play Liverpool – Everything You Need To Know

With the Premier League season ending on May 23rd, it now looks likely that the Manchester United vs Liverpool game has to be played over the next three weeks to complete the campaign.

The United’s game against the Reds has been postponed indefinitely, with the Premier League still unable to confirm a new date for it.

Meanwhile, the reason for the possible far date is because both teams already have congested schedules over the coming weeks.

Below are the fixtures of both United and Liverpool this season;

Manchester United

  • May 6 – Roma (a)
  • May 9 – Aston Villa (a)
  • May 12 – Leicester (h)
  • May 19 – Fulham (h)
  • May 23 – Wolves (a)


  • May 8 – Southampton (h)
  • May 16 – West Brom (a)
  • May 19 – Burnley (a)
  • May 23 – Crystal Palace (h)

With the fixtures as seen above, the Red Devils play a game every midweek from now until the end of the season. However, the only rest period they’ll get will be on the weekend of May 15 (also the weekend of the FA Cup final), in which Jurgen Klopp’s side has a game of their own.

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Possible Manchester United XI vs Liverpool XI Compared Side-by-Side

But with the below table as shared by a fan on Reddit, the delayed fixture can be worked around Man United, Liverpool, West Brom, and Leicester City.

As it can be seen, Liverpool and West Brom both have a spare midweek before the FA Cup final weekend. If that game is moved to that time period, it’ll allow Liverpool to play the game against United at the weekend of the FA Cup final.

However, it’s left to see if the Premier League gets West Brom’s permission to do so before making the changes.

But however it is, this seems to be the only viable solution to ensuring that United and Liverpool don’t have to play every other day until the end of the season.

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