Frank Lampard Changes His Mind On Who Is Better Between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Frank Lampard is understood to be a huge Lionel Messi fan in the past, claiming then that he would pick Messi over Ronaldo is the greatest player of all-time debate. However, it now looks as though the former Chelsea player and manager has changed his mind on that stance.

In his recent Q and A with Gary Neville on Sky Sports, Frank Lampard said: “You know what, I’ve always been a Messi man, and then I watched your debate with Carra recently actually and I actually think for Ronaldo’s output and actual numbers in big finals and semi-finals like we’ve seen, I think I maybe give him the edge now.”

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The former English midfielder may be swayed by the recent wave of criticism coming Lionel Messi’s way.

Regardless, Leo Messi’s achievement in football remains astounding, to say the least.

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