Middlesbrough Manager Explains Why Chelsea Are Better Than Man United and Tottenham

Chris Wilder has was full of praise for Chelsea after his side was beaten 2-0 by Chelsea. He also listed the reason why Middlesbrough were able to beat Man United and Spurs but not Chelsea.

“We played a full hit Man United, a full hit Tottenham and a full hit Chelsea. We hung in there with United and beat them on penalties. We fully deserved it versus Tottenham and we couldn’t find the right defensive moments tonight.”

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“Chelsea just find a way. It is the mentality of the group led by an incredible manager. They have stability with Thomas coming in and the other two clubs (Spurs-Utd) maybe don’t have that.

“Their skipper [Azpi], Thiago, and Rudiger just want to win and that’s why they win things and are champions.”

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