Why Cristiano Ronaldo Refused To Be Part Of Man United Squad Vs Man City Finally Revealed

A report from a reliable Instagram account Cristiano Ronaldo himself follows has claimed that the 37-year-old refused to be part of the Manchester United squad against Manchester City this Sunday.

Ralf Rangnick has reportedly informed Ronaldo that he wouldn’t start against Pep Guardiola and co because of ‘tactical’ reasons.

It’s worth pointing out that the Portuguese superstar has endured a frustrating few games in front of the net, scoring just once in his last 10 games.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Refused To Be Part Of Man United Squad Vs Man City

As a result, Cristiano was not pleased and asked to be left out of the squad.

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The report is in Portuguese but here’s what it says as per Google Translate: “Cristiano Ronaldo will not play against Manchester City tomorrow!

“Manchester United’s manager wants to enter with a different game strategy in tomorrow’s game and has chosen to defend himself more, a purely tactical choice. CR7 won’t even be on the bench.”

The Athletic has claimed that Ronaldo is likely to miss the game via an injury.

However, this is a huge claim to make and it’s up to Ronaldo to clear the air as other players have often done. Since he follows the account even now, he would have seen the post surely.

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