Why Fred Refused To Pass To Ronaldo In 87th Minute vs Chelsea With Score 1-1 Revealed

Fred wasted an opportunity in the 87th minute that could have potentially helped Manchester United beat Chelsea.

However, the Brazilian decided to attempt the shot himself instead of passing to Jesse Lingard or an unmarked Cristiano Ronaldo.

The ball flew straight into the hands of Edouard Mendy, leaving fans to rue the missed chance as the game ended 1-1.

Why Fred Refused To Pass To Ronaldo

Upon closer inspection though, it becomes obvious that Lingard was at risk of being offside. If you watch replays of that moment, you’d notice Fred hesitate to pass the ball before chipping it.

As for Ronaldo, he wasn’t far from Fred but it was a difficult shot to pull off.

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The only way to nail it would’ve been to take a couple of extra seconds, look at Ronaldo, and cross the ball to him. But in that time, the defenders could’ve positioned themselves around the 36-year-old, giving Mendy enough time to actually get back into the goal.

Ronaldo doesn’t have the best scoring record against Chelsea and there’s no guarantee he would’ve found the back of the net either.

In that split second, Fred did what he thought was best, and had it been a goal, we’d all speak about the incident differently.

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