Why Hakim Ziyech Refused to Celebrate After Brighton Goal Finally Explained By Cole

Hakim Ziyech scored Chelsea’s only goal against Brighton a couple of nights ago as the Blues were held to a 1-1 draw. The winger barely celebrated his goal as he couldn’t be less excited about scoring:

Why Hakim Ziyech Refused to Celebrate After Brighton Goal

However, former Blue Joe Cole doesn’t believe that this was a very big deal. He explained on BT Sports: “This is what you play for. He’s a fantastic talent to watch. He probably hasn’t hit the ground running in the Premier League.

“If he was in my team I would be getting him like… come on. Well, you know when lads aren’t happy and they’re not playing. I’ve been on that thing as well. If I come off the bench and score the goal…it’s a release of energy.

“It’s not concerning. I think it’s good that the club are going to the world club championships in a couple of weeks in Abu Dhabi and I think that’s a good opportunity for the club to get away with results not being what they want.

“You can see when you run up to him, you want to celebrate. You’ve worked all week to get the game plan. He’s scored a great goal. He would be thinking in his mind that’s a message to the manager.”

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“But the message is the goal. Like I should be playing. I’ve just put us 1-0 up in the Premier League with a great goal. Enjoy it. You can really galvanize a group with a 1-0 win in a tough, tough game.

“Then you’re out of the slump. He obviously got feelings that he’s not happy with. But, just keep doing what you’re doing on the pitch. Effect the game and then you’ll be playing regularly.”

Thomas Tuchel shared similar sentiments after the game as he detailed that no one can be too harsh on the team right now given the hectic schedule and the injuries that have piled up on the squad.

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