Why Jesse Lingard Performs Better At West Ham Than Manchester United

Jesse Lingard’s surge to form since his loan move from Manchester United to West Ham has surprised almost everyone. Today we have been offered the analysis so we could understand better where the difference is by Matt Koller, a secret J-Lingz super fan!

Lingard At Manchester United

It an obvious one that Jesse Lingard scored some memorable goals and was an entertaining figure both on and off the field. However, he wasn’t often seen as this lethal goalscorer.

The whole of last season, Lingard scored only once in his 22 Premier League outings for Man United. But at West Ham United now, in just a few games, he already looked a player reborn.

Lingard At West Ham United

In just eight league games so far with West Ham United, Lingard’s career has blossomed once again as the 28-year-old forward has scored six goals and provided further three goals for his teammates.

However, it’s not just the goals – Lingard’s movement higher up the pitch has improved considerably. He now looks more confident and is genuinely enjoying his football, which has led to improved display on the field.

Now, the question is, what’s making the difference? Why is Jesse Lingard so good under David Moyes but couldn’t find his feet under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

Below is what Matt Koller has to say, a user admin at Tribuna.

A Brief History Of Lingard, According To Matt

“For years, I have believed and defended the quality of Jlingz despite the ridicule so it’s nice to see that his situation has got to the point where keeping him or selling him for good money has become a topic of conversation confirming my beliefs.

“I never considered Jlingz good enough for first-team quality at United. But as a squad player, I didn’t think we would find much better. He is naturally fit and doesn’t need game time to stay fresh. He comes on with experience, hardly loses possession, and is always on the move, creating space.”

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Why Jesse Lingard Is A Success At West Ham United

“Although West Ham also plays Premier League the same as us, the teams they face might as well be completely different. They don’t park up in the same manner and they can be countered.

“There’s often a gap between the midfielders and defenders of opposing teams that face West Ham which is where Lingard sits to deadly effect.”

“It’s all to do with how other teams play against them more than anything. Midfielders push up more against West Ham. So, on the counter, he doesn’t have to get past them – he just has to outrun them.

“He’s quite clever with his runs; he will get goal side and run diagonally across players to prevent them getting into a position to stop him without committing the foul. He lets the ball do the work.”

Koller adds: “When West Ham get the balls out to the wings for the crosses over the top from [Aaron] Cresswell, he gets to the back post and adds pressure. When the wingers have the ball, he lets [Michail] Antonio attack the 6 yards and he drops back, giving another option for the low cross.

“West Ham plays a fast attacking method, they don’t stop moving, which suits the likes of Jesse and Declan [Rice], [Jarrod] Bowen, etc who have that stamina.”

Why The Above Won’t Work At Old Trafford

“It wouldn’t work against the same club if it was United because the midfielders play deeper and closer to the defenders. West Ham also has the advantage that players aren’t playing out of position.

“They play as a team, everyone knows their role and where they should be because it’s how they have always been.”

What Does The Future Hold For The Englishman?

Jesse Lingard has his skills and can hold on his own on any given day but just not at United. It will benefit all parties involved if United could see Lingard for a considerable few to the Hammers this season!

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