Why Lukaku Stopped Making Runs Against Brighton Finally Explained By Legend Alan Shearer

“We highlighted before the game didn’t we about the lack of forward pass from the midfielders into Lukaku or whoever that may be,” Shearer told Premier League Productions.

“That certainly happened on a few occasions in this game.

“So, what happens is when you don’t get a pass and you don’t get the next pass, you stop running. You just think ‘what’s the point? I’m actually not going to get the ball, so what is the point of actually making runs?’.

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“That ball should be fizzed into Lukaku’s feet. What’s his strength? The strength is getting the ball into his feet.

“So, if it’s not coming, you just say ‘what’s the point in running anymore, because you are not feeding me. You’re not giving me the ammunition’.”

Lukaku has come in for criticism for his lack of movement upfront but it is true that the midfield has failed to supply him with the right balls.

The Belgian has become the biggest talking point in recent times and Chelsea really need a win so that he can get out of the spotlight.

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