Why This Champions League Win Is More Exciting Than 2012 Own Explained

Chelsea’s first-ever Champions League win will always be special, but this time, passionate Blues fans have broken down why Chelsea Football Club should be much more excited about the 2021 Champions League win.

Here is why one of the passionate Blues fans believes this Champions League win is even more exciting than the one the club won in 2012.

“The one massive difference between tonight and that fateful night in Munich 9 years ago is that that win represented the end of an era.

“It was the swan song of an aging squad with winning personalities who chased that trophy from 2003 till 2012 for 9 years. What lay beyond was uncertainty.

“Tonight isn’t the sun setting on an era but rather the dawn of a dynamic, exciting, and energetic new one. An era kickstarted by the team put together by Frank Lampard and Petr Cech and elevated by Thomas Tuchel.

“Exciting times.”

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With Kai Havertz, the match-winner on the night, just 21 years old, and other key pieces like Mason Mount and Reece James also in their early 20s, Chelsea can hope to win a few more Champions League trophies in the near future.

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