Zlata Finally Reveals What Actually Happened Between Him & Lukaku In Italy: ‘I Hit Him In Sweet Spot’

Back in January, Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a bust-up during the Milan derby. Things got heated when the Swede told the soon-to-be Chelsea forward to ‘go do your voodoo s***, you little donkey’.

Now, Zlatan has explained his behavior, as reported by Football Italia.

“He first argued with [Alessio] Romagnoli, then with [Alexis] Saelemaekers,” Ibrahimovic said.

“I intervened to defend my teammates and Lukaku attacked me on a personal level. I was shocked. We even were teammates at Manchester United.

“Lukaku has a great ego, he thinks he’s a champion and he’s really strong. But I grew up in the Malmo ghetto, and when someone comes under me with his head down, I put him in his place.

”So, I hit him in his sweet spot: his Mum’s voodoo rituals. And he lost control.”

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“Although, I still have a terrible doubt… we lost that derby. I was sent off. Then I got injured. A lot of bad things happened. You’ll see that the Lukaku rituals really got me?

“I asked my believing friends to pray for me. I have to settle the bill with him too. I hope to meet him soon. On the street? No, these are things that must be resolved on the pitch. I don’t hate anyone, much less Lukaku.”

As Lukaku has joined Chelsea, the two forwards might only face each other in the Champions League, and AC Milan still have a chance to qualify for the knockout stage.

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